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We are the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform.

This is our micro site which will be here until the launch of our main site .

Here you can find out who we are, get in touch, what our current campaigns are, how to join LCER and make a difference, how to become a member with reduced rates and read some of our newsletters - which you get as a member!!




Ed Milliband MP

“Let’s be honest, politics isn’t working.  People have lost faith in politicians and politics. And trust is gone.  Politics is broken.  Its practice, its reputation and its institutions. … This generation has a chance – and a huge responsibility – to change our politics.  We must seize it and meet the challenge.”        
Ed Milliband MP 2010 

Willie Blaine MP

"Now, more than ever, we need strong voices for political reform at all levels of our movement. In the past, Labour stood for radical social and economic renewal alongside democratic reforms, such as devolution, human rights and Lords reform.
For 2015 therefore, we must build support within the Labour movement, and out in the country, for ambitious reforms that meet the scale of the current public crisis of confidence in our dysfunctional democratic system – a written constitution, a democratic second chamber, an extension of human rights, more decentralisation of powers to the nations and regions of the UK, and further electoral reform."
Willie Bain MP/ LCER Chair

John Denham MP

"Pluralism is a commitment to work with others, including members and supporters of other political parties, if that increases our chances of achieving progressive change. It is not about coalitions, electoral pacts or even electoral reform per se, but being willing to put making a difference above party interests.  We need change in our political culture.  A willingness to work with others will make progress more likely and do Labour's electoral chances no harm."
John Denham MP / LCER President


Ben Bradshap MP


“Following the humiliating failure of the coalition Government to deliver on its promise of Lords reform, it is vital that we in Labour restate our long held support for Lords reform in our manifesto for the next general election.”
Ben Bradshaw MP


Seema Malhotra MP

“LCER has been at the forefront of pushing the argument for a more democratic and representative politics.  We need change to keep our politics much more connected to people. Politics is not just about Westminster.  I feel passionately about the importance of increasing representation in Parliament and in politics generally.  Britain, with 22.3 per cent women in the Commons, now ranks 60th around the world for representation of women – woefully low for an advanced democracy. There are 28 non-white MPs which is 4.3 per cent of all 650 MPs. If the non-white population were
represented proportionally there would be 78.  The Speaker’s Conference on Parliamentary
Representation reported in January 2010. We need to build on its recommendations and find new pathways to politics.  Everything shows that better decision making flows from more diverse representation.”
Seema Malhotrs MP / LCER's latest MP sponsor

Paul Blomfield MP

 “The decision to pull the plug on new Parliamentary boundaries gives Labour an opportunity to get on the front foot on an issue that won’t go away. Under legislation that has already been pushed through, there will be a further boundary review in 2015 and it’s designed to take away Labour seats. So let’s turn their argument around by embracing the case for equalisation of constituencies, but on the basis of adult population and not registered voters. It will protect constituencies in our urban areas. This isn’t rigging the system in Labour’s favour; it’s acknowledging the reality of the people and places we represent. Couple it with a real commitment to voter registration campaigns and we can not only create fairer constituencies, but strengthen our democracy at the same time.” 
Paul Blomfield MP / LCER Vice Chair
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